When it comes to construction there are many professional services provided to make a successful build. Builders and construction professionals have
very unique risks and require tailored insurance
products to cover their exposures. 

Cambridge Insurance Brokers specialises in
Professional Indemnity insurance for construction
professionals, so whether your a draftsman, designer,
architect, engineer, construction manager/supervisor
or you simply contract out any of these services,
we can provide assistance and guidance in
choosing the right Professional Indemnity
insurance to protect you. 



Professional Indemnity insurance is designed for businesses who provide professional advice
or services to others (third parties). It provides protection against the legal costs
and claims brought against you by third parties for alleged errors and omissions
or breaches of professional duty from your services provided to them.

With ever increasing accountability on professionals and increased litigation,
the right Professional Indemnity insurance cover can offer you peace of mind,
security but most importantly protection of your company's valuable reputation if things go wrong.   

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